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Exterior Construction Consulting for Building Owners

Whether you’re a CRE investor or facility manager for an industrial plant, everyone can agree on one thing...roofs are expensive! For many, a roof may be the largest portion of a building’s capital expenses that they manage. These high-cost decisions require high-quality information. 



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

ECC’s practical, cost-effective services are designed to maximize value. We’ve all heard this proverb and most apply it daily in their lives. Whether it's our vehicles, homes, relationships or health, making small continuous investments yield greater results. Why then do most businesses neglect regular maintenance of their commercial roof(s)? For most, the answer is simply the cost which is why ECC’s practical, cost-effective services are designed to maximize value.

Our services include:


ECC’s can consolidate your roofing inventory into a single source accessed through our cloud based client portal. This allows for quick CapEx decisions through prioritizing your roof inventory based on the data ECC has collected.

As RRO’s, you can trust our assessment and findings on all types of roofing systems. Our roof inspection and survey includes a ground perimeter walk of the property, overview photos, deficiency identification, repair recommendations, and budgeting. 

An acquisition survey for potential building acquisitions in order to provide accurate information on the facilities’ current condition and limit “surprises” that could otherwise be detrimental to the property's value. This service includes everything in our Roof Inspection, along with core samples, (if approved by current owner) warranty review (if provided) and asbestos testing (if recommended based on findings and approved by the client for an additional fee).

We will draw the roofing system in CAD software based on the information collected from the Take-off or provided by the contractor. This can include project-specific detail drawings if needed. We can then design a roof system(s) that meet your clients goals with consideration for both manufacturer and code requirements.

As Registered Roof Observers (RRO), we can provide third-party observation during construction throughout the entire project or as needed. This observation work includes documenting progress, ensuring specifications and other contract documents are being followed, etc.

Thermal Imaging

ECC’s certified thermographers use infrared technology to determine the extent of moisture intrusion and/or the source of the leaks

Impedance Scan

ECC can also perform an impedance scan using our Tramex Dec Scanner in situations where thermal imaging cannot be used and/or if the schedule is prioritized.

ECC has extensive experience in the assessment of damage to roofing systems and determining the cause(s). Damage can be the result of material defects, improper installation, or even damage from a weather event (hurricane, tornado, hail storm, etc.). 

We offer training sessions with your team members, giving them the knowledge on some of the telltale signs of deterioration & damage to different types of membranes and other roofing systems that will help your clients be better informed of the condition of their facilities.